BodyBib helps parents and childcare providers by taking the anxiety out of self-feeding

The full body design:

  • Covers the chest and lap
  • Makes mealtime cleanup quick and easy
  • Eliminates multiple outfit changes

Hi! I'm Linda

Hi! I'm Linda, a childcare provider of 25+ years. I was faced with the constant challenge of keeping kids clean, Thats why I invented the BodyBib. which was tested and perfected on my daycare charges.

The BodyBib ensures moms and childcare providers are the heroes, effortlessly keeping little ones tidy during meals and playtime. Embrace cleanliness and comfort with BodyBib – your ultimate solution.

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Helps Parents and Childcare Providers

by keeping their baby's clothes clean. No more constant clothing changes or extra laundry after messy meals. The BodyBib keeps your little one clean while making your life easier. Stress-free mealtimes are possible with this full-coverage bib solution.

Make mealtime stress free