See Why The BodyBib Is Trusted In Childcare Centers Around The Country

**Complete Coverage:** The BodyBib offers full coverage from chest to ankle, effectively shielding your baby or toddler from food spills and stains.

**Adjustable Snaps:** Its adjustable snaps at the neck, wrists, and ankles ensure a comfortable and customizable fit as your child grows.

**Easy to Clean:** Machine washable for quick and hassle-free cleanup, saving you time and effort.

**Quick On and Off:** Designed for convenience, the BodyBib slips on and off easily, allowing for seamless mealtime transitions.

**Mess Prevention:** Say goodbye to messy mealtime accidents and clothing stains, keeping your child clean and dry during meals.

**Less Stress for Parents and Caregivers:** Minimize the stress of mealtime cleanup, so you can focus on bonding and enjoying the moment with your child.

**Versatile:** Suitable for both babies and toddlers, the BodyBib is a versatile solution for all your mealtime needs.

**Convenient for Travel:** Easily fold and pack the BodyBib for on-the-go meals, making it a handy accessory for outings and trips.

The BodyBib is the ultimate mealtime companion that simplifies feeding and keeps your child comfortable and mess-free.

  • The body bib was one of the greatest things someone could invent. The kids don’t get dirty, and the child can enjoy the food without the parent or daycare teacher worrying about the child getting his or her clothes dirty. One hundred percent, I recommend the body bib.

  • My first time to use Body Bib. My almost 9 month old is beginning self feeding. It worked fantastic! 

  • I think these bibs are awesome! They’re so absorbent and they cover all the areas where food can stain clothes. The material is also textured in a way that food clings to the fabric instead of sliding all the way down to the floor. It by far is probably the best bib I have ever used!