Stop your toddlers clothes from looking like this

The BodyBib covers your toddler from chest to ankle and keeps their clothes clean

Are you tired of your toddlers clothes looking like this after they eat?

Mealtime can get totally messy and stressful, especially with a little one. But don't worry, the BodyBib has got you covered! It covers your toddler from chest to ankle, catching all the mess and making clean-up a breeze.

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We know that caring for children is exhausting.
We want to make your day easier

We ship within 24 hours

We want to make sure you get your BodyBib as soon as possible so you can have an easier time cleaning up after meals.

Save Money

Investing in the BodyBib can help you save money. Just by saving one outfit from stains, you've already covered the cost of the BodyBib.

Outfit changes wastes time

You change the baby's outfits multiple times a day, wasting precious time. BodyBib eliminates the need for constant changes.

Trusted by childcare facilities nationwide

Childcare centers all over the country are now using BodyBib in their programs to help out the staff and make parents happy.

How It Works

BodyBib is so easy to use, You can get on with your day in three easy steps.

1. Unsnap the back of the BodyBib.
2. Pull your baby's feet through the straps.
3. Pull the leg portion of the BodyBib up to the neck, then gently slip it off.

Your toddler is clean and you are free to tackle your next task.

Make mealtime stress free

Hi! I'm Linda

Hey there! I'm Linda, and I've been looking after kids for over 25 years.

I know how tough it can be to keep them clean, which is why I came up with the BodyBib. It's been tried and tested on the kids in my daycare, and it's a game-changer!

With the BodyBib, moms and childcare providers can effortlessly keep little ones clean during meals and playtime, making life a whole lot easier. Say hello to cleanliness and comfort with BodyBib – it's the ultimate solution!

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