"I'm so happy with the BodyBib! I have a messy little 1 year old who always gets her clothes so full of food, but not anymore! Thank you so much!"

We know that being a mother or childcare provider can be extremely tiring. We understand how difficult your job is, and we want to help you out by taking care of the mess during mealtime.

This way, you can enjoy every moment with your little ones while they explore and learn about the world around them. We all know that this time with them passes by so quickly.

Let us cover that mess.

Hi! I'm Linda

As a mother and childcare provider, I have been cleaning up messes for more than 30 years. While taking care of multiple babies during their self-feeding journey, I realized the need for a better way to keep their clothes clean. 
That's how the BodyBib was created in my home daycare. It was born out of my desperate need to make mealtime less messy. Now, I am thrilled to share this innovative creation with you. The BodyBib is a game-changer!


Our mission

At BodyBib, we aim to simplify your life. As a mother, you have a never-ending job, and it brings me immense happiness to know that BodyBib can reduce your burden.


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