BodyBib helps childcare providers by covering the front of your children from chest to ankle, making your mealtime cleanup quicker and easier.


Do you dread mealtime with the children because of this?


The BodyBib fits babies and toddlers ages 9 - 24 months old. The BodyBib grows with your child with features such as,


Childcare is a hard job

There is always so much to be done daily while working in childcare. 
Lunch time can be so frustrating because the mess is horrible, and none of us like sending children home in stained clothes. 
The BodyBib has helped to make mealtime much easier , it covers the front of them completly and keeps them clean and dry.  Your staff will be  happy because their work load is now a litle lighter and the parents will be  thrilled because you are keeping their childrens clothes stain free.
The BodyBib is an investment that will make your life easier.

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What our customers are saying

"I am a home daycare owner/ operator. I got sick of my daycare kids clothes getting dirty everyday at meal times. I bought these bibs and it was a game changer. My kids love to wear them and there is no food on them or their clothes after they eat. They go on and off super easy and they wash up super nice too. I would recommend these to anyone with young kids."
"I think these bibs are awesome! They’re so absorbent and they cover all the areas where food can stain clothes. The material is also textured in a way that food clings to the fabric instead of sliding all the way down to the floor. By far this is probably the best bib I have ever used!"