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BodyBib Combo Pack (Blue/Purple)

BodyBib Combo Pack (Blue/Purple)

Combo Pack, Two BodyBibs because one bib is never enough

Here is the problem: The baby is learning to self-feed, which is exciting, but that's when the messes get real. You have stained clothes, food all over their lap, multiple outfit changes, and extra cleaning time.

BodyBib is the solution - full body coverage from chest to ankle to protect your child's clothes during mealtime, allowing you to enjoy the experience without any stress or hassle.


  • BodyBib is 50% Polyester and 50% Polyeurethane
  • Fits babies 9-24 months old
  • Is machine washable and dryer-safe
  • Is water resistant to keep your baby dry


  • Adjustable snaps, no velcro here to wear out
  • Coverage from chest to ankle to keep your baby completely clean
  • Double snaps at the neck so baby can't rip the BodyBib off
  • Lays flat against the chest and stays out of the baby's food
  • It also covers your high chair straps to keep them clean
  • Perfect for craft time and sensory play

Can you imagine how much easier your mealtime would be with the BodyBib? 

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        Care Instructions

        BodyBib is machine washable and dryer safe. You may also rinse and reuse in between washes.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews
        Jennifer Ballou

        BodyBib Combo Pack (Blue/Purple)

        Thank You for your five star review! I appreciate you.


        I run a home daycare and these bibs are a life saver! Very happy with purchase! Great price too. You won’t be disappointed.

        Jeanne Dietrich

        BodyBib Combo Pack (Blue/Purple)


        Love them